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Mom's “Magic Green Sauce”

We can’t remember a meal growing up that didn’t include Mom’s “Magic Green Sauce ''. Her secret blend of cilantro and peppers was the versatile condiment that made everything more flavorful and delicious. We put it on everything — from rice and korma to tacos and pizza.

Goes-With-Anything Sauce

Traditionally chutney is eaten with rice, korma, dahl and kabobs, but you can dip, spread or drizzle it on almost anything. Top off eggs, sandwiches, grilled meats, vegetables, or grain bowls. Add as a marinade to chicken, fish or shrimp. Mix it in soups or salads. Pair it with a cheese plate. Mix into guacamole or just eat it with chips or pita bread.
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"An excellent slather."

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Meet The Chutney Gals