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Chutney 101


What is Chutney? Chutney is a condiment with a confusing identity. Some are smooth, some are chunky; some are cooked, some are raw; some are served as a condiment or dip, some are served as a side dish, and some are even served for breakfast. They can be sweet, savory, tangy, spicey and the list goes on… The unifying feature of traditional chutneys is that they were originally made by grinding fresh ingredients together. At one time, this might have been done with a mortar and pestle, but most cooks today would use a food processor. (we use are really big food processor)

Where does the name come from? Maazah is the Farsi word for flavor.  We believe if you are going to eat something it should be flavorful and delicious.

What do you eat chutney with? Eggs & avocado toast is our favorite. The classic is on a bed of rice with your preferred side dish. Serving it with a meat and cheese plate is always crowd-pleaser. Anything off of the grill: burgers, brats, kabobs, steaks, etc. My absolute favorite (like last meal favorite) is F-I-S-H T-A-C-O-S.