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About Us & Chutney 101

Maazah Chutney is a small-batch, gourmet goes-with-anything condiment, inspired by our mom...

To the Sajady family, food is a universal language. This Mom and three daughter team comes from a large Afghan family who not only spent a lot of time together around the dinner table, but in the kitchen. With Mom at the helm, they learned the delicate art of cooking from fresh ingredients and balancing flavors. 

We became a family who loved food, and we’ve got a passion for (okay, obsession with) condiments. Growing up, Mom made “Magic Green Sauce”. It was like ketchup to our family, we put it on everything. AND we are still putting on everything.

To honor our Afghan roots, we have named our company Maazah, meaning ‘flavor’ in Farsi. Inspired by Mom’s secret cilantro and ginger chutney recipe, this mouthwatering blend of fresh herbs and spices is the perfect addition to any meal. Maazah turns 6 simple ingredients into a bright, flavorful blend you can dip, spread or drizzle. It's gluten-free, dairy-free, keto and vegan. However you like to eat, you’ll be obsessed!

What is Chutney?

Chutney is a condiment with a confusing identity. Some are smooth, some are chunky; some are cooked, some are raw; some are served as a condiment or dip, some are served as a side dish, and some are even served for breakfast. They can be sweet, savory, tangy, spicy and the list goes on… The unifying feature of traditional chutneys is that they were originally made by grinding fresh ingredients together. At one time, this might have been done with a mortar and pestle, but most cooks today would use a food processor.

Where does the name come from?

To our family and culture are the most important elements in our business which is why we’ve proudly named our company Maazah, meaning ‘flavor’ in Farsi. In Farsi this word is used to describe great tasting food or can be used to describe a beautiful summer night. It is how we express something that satisfies your soul or something that hits the spot. Just like our chutney.

What do you eat chutney with? 

Growing up we can’t remember a meal that didn’t include Mom’s famous “Magic Green Sauce". Her secret blend of cilantro and peppers was the versatile condiment that made everything more flavorful and delicious. We put it on everything — from rice and korma to tacos and pizza.This vibrant, savory flavor is a perfect finishing touch to any style of cuisine.

The LIST of favorites: 

Anything off of the grill, burgers, brats, kabobs, steaks, etc.

My absolute favorite is F-I-S-H T-A-C-O-S.

Serving it with a meat and cheese plate is always crowd-pleaser.

Avocado/egg toast!!

Grain bowls with all your favorite fixings.

Photo Credit: Lauren Schneck, Tucker Fox Co